WRM Wholesale Process

Wholesaling your boat to Wye River Marine

Our goal is to give you a fair wholesale price and pay you for your boat quickly.  As wholesalers we are buying your boat for the purpose of reselling it to a retail or wholesale buyer.  We obviously need to make a profit as well as deliver a safe, properly functioning, quality boat to a happy customer.    We hope that every customer we deal with, both sellers and buyers, are satisfied with the transaction.

  • Step 1 – WRM Used Boat Appraisal – Please email us a detailed description (model, year, hours, equipment, etc.) of your boat along with current pictures of your boat and trailer.  Please include photos of the engine, outdrive, canvas and cushions.  Make sure that you take specific photos of any areas that are damaged.  It is important to represent your boats condition accurately.  The more detailed pictures and information we have the better the value we can give you.  This is the time to let us know if you are aware of anything wrong with your boat.
  • Purchase Agreement – If we agree on a price we will fax or email you a Purchase Agreement to sign.  Please return the signed Purchase Agreement along with copies of both boat and trailer titles.  (Don’t fax titles.  Copy first, then fax.) If your boat has a lien we will need to see a copy of your lien release or current bank information so we can call them for a payoff.
  • Clear title – We cannot buy your boat and trailer unless we can get clear title.  If you have a lien from a bank, that’s not a problem, we will handle the payoff for you.
  • Owe more than your boat is worth? – We can work with you and your bank to help get the boat sold, the bank paid off and your credit left unharmed.  Remember as much as you may want to sell your boat your bank doesn’t want it either.  Times are tough and everybody knows it, including your bank.  Don’t force the bank to repossess your boat.  Repossession hurts everyone except the lawyers. There are much better alternatives.  Please call us if you have any questions.
  • Inspection and payment – As the contract states we will need to inspect and survey your boat, motor and trailer before final payment.  We can do it at one of our facilities or at a location convenient to you. 
  • Inspection at our location – Delivering the boat to us at one of our locations is the easiest for us and also allows us to pay you the most for your boat.  You can either drop the boat off or make an appointment to have the boat inspected while you wait.  Payment can be made immediately after by check or bank wire depending on the circumstances.  While the boat is with us for inspection we ask that you hold onto the boat and trailer titles until you confirm payment. 
  • Inspection by local mechanic – Sometimes it’s just not convenient for us to come to you or you to come to us.  In these cases we will find a local certified mechanic in your area, who we both are comfortable with, to perform the inspection.  We may ask you to deliver the boat to his shop in order to get things done quickly.  After the boat is inspected and given the OK we will wire the balance to your account.  After you have confirmed receipt with your bank you release the boat to us.  The boat will be picked up in a few days.  Titles should be mailed to us directly.
  • Inspection at your location – Sometimes when convenient, we can come to your boat, perform our inspection and if everything is OK, have you sign documents and hand you a bank check.  This process costs us more and may result in a lower purchase price.

 Things to remember prior to inspection 

  • Please make sure your motor will start and the batteries are charged.  If you can’t do this, please let us know.
  • Please make sure that the trailer brakes and lights work properly.  We also need to know that the wheel bearings are in working order and have been greased.
  • Check to see that your trailer’s VIN plate is clearly legible.  Most states will not perform an inspection without it.  Please let us know if it is not.
  • Remember to provide a full Coast Guard package with your boat.

Also remember the following items:

  • Electronics  and manuals
  • Canvas
  • Cushions
  • Keys

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